Goodvalley depends on good people

Good people are at the heart of Goodvalley. They are people who care about our environment, our animals and the transparent way we practice business. We search hard to find the right people for the job and invest in those we select. No matter which position you hold in Goodvalley, we all share common responsibility: ensuring excellence in our production cycle from field to fork.


We asked some of our employees to describe the beginning of their employment in Goodvalley – and what makes Goodvalley a good place to work 


Working in Goodvalley gives you a possibility of being a part of an international, forward thinking and responsible organization which takes great pride in caring for the employees through motivation, training and responsibility. See all of our vacancies listed below and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Unsolicited application

In Goodvalley we are always interested in motivated and talented colleagues. Please send us an unsolicited application at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We process our own feed

In Goodvalley we have our own feedmills where we prepare feed for our pigs. This way we can make sure our feed mix contains all of the natural components which are needed to keep our pigs healthy.

We prepare our own quality meat

Our processed products are always witout any preservatives. Only by controlling all stages of the production, we can take full responsibility for the quality of our meat.

We grow our own crops

In Goodvalley we have 36.500 hectares of land. We grow our crops by using degassed manure from our biogas plants. This way we cultivate our soil while taking care of the environment. We have wheat, barley, rape, corn, rye, sunflower and soy.

We raise our own pigs

Our animal welfare standards are certified by GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) and we make sure that our pigs have the necessary space, toys available and the right people, who, care for them at every stage.

We produce our own energy

In our biogas plants we use waste products from all steps of the production. This way we generate heat and energy for our units while we use the degassed minerals as a valuable fertilizer on our fields. This process makes our production less invasive towards the climate.

We harvest our own fields

It is important for us to harvest our fields by ourselves. This way we can control the harvesting proces and by using modern technology and equipment our machines are less invasive and less damaging to the environment.