Agriculture sells new range of pork at an additional price of between 30 and 40 percent

In Poland, the large Danish food producer Goodvalley is in the process of marketing a new series of pork that does not burden the climate with CO2. The products are sold in thousands of supermarkets across Poland, and it is sold at a premium of between 30 and 40 percent compared to traditional pork.

The marketing of the products takes place on social media and with advertisements on nationwide TV. The result is that sales are rising and going well.

I can't get into the actual sales figures. But it is looking good. Sales are increasing day by day, and we are pleasantly surprised at how well it goes,

says CEO of Goodvalley, Tom Axelgaard

Young and educated

Besides the fact that the meat is CO2-neutral and thus does not affect the climate, the pigs receive neither antibiotics nor GMO feed.

The fact that the pigs do not receive antibiotics or GMO feeds are two very important factors in Poland and other Eastern European countries, where the population in general is distrustful in terms of quality and origin when they buy the meat in the supermarket

 says Tom Axelgaard.

Goodvalley's studies show, in both Poland and Ukraine, that especially young people, the well-educated and the families with children are weighing heavily on healthy and natural foods.

They are more interested in what they put in their mouths than what it costs,

Mr. Axelgaard says. 

When it comes to how the production of meat impacts the climate, Goodvalley has been focusing on CO2 emissions for many years:

For the past five years, we have had Niras, who specializes in calculating the emissions from" field to fork ", to review how Goodvalley in Poland affects the climate, and their calculations have been verified by German TüV. For all five years we have been certified as CO2 neural, and this year we have been verified and certified as CO2-neutral throughout Goodvalley, ie in both Poland, Ukraine and Russia,

says Tom Axelgaard.

Meat with climate benefits

The calculations show that not only is Goodvalley's production CO2-neutral. It even benefits the climate.

If we look at our production of pork in isolation, we emit 2.03 kg CO2 per produced kg pork. But the story is also about how our large production of biogas, where all pig slurry is used, helps to save the climate by 4 kg of CO2 for every kg of pork we produce.
All in all, this makes our production of meat climate-friendly because we save the climate for 2 kg of CO2 for every kg of meat we produce in total.
To put it on edge and maybe a bit surprisingly - you actually support the climate by eating our pork

says Tom Axelgaard.


Original DK article By Einar Bo Thomsen, Landbrugsavisen. Freely translated by Goodvalley

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