Goodvalley launches new products

On Monday the 6th of August 2018, Goodvalley launched the first products under our new brand. The products are made from pigs raised without antibiotics, fed with GMO free feed and produced in accordance with the Goodvalley agricultural climate friendly production standards, and with a CO2 neutral footprint.

 We have asked Goodvalley CEO Tom Axelgaard a couple of questions about the idea behind the new line of products:


A growing number of people are convinced that one of the solutions to fight global warming is to stop or reduce the consumption of meat. But it is possible to produce pork in a climate friendly way without evaporating CO2. This way we can still enjoy tasteful and natural pork products with a good conscience


In Goodvalley all waste products from crops and slaughter is used in the company’s biogas plants. This way, we produce power and heat for our facilities and use the degassed manure for our fields where we once again sow new crops that will become GMO free feed for our pigs. Everything comes full circle, Tom Axelgaard explains:


When we eat meat, we should always think about, and rather know, from where it comes and how it is produced. Our self-sufficient approach makes it easier for us to adjust to customer demands as well as guarantee a high food safety and quality. And that is the story behind the Goodvalley products that we launch today says Tom Axelgaard.


Today’s consumers are very aware of food safety and spend a lot of time considering any additives that may be in the food they buy at the store. Also, the way products are being produced before ending up on the shelves in the supermarket is being taken more and more into consideration when consumers choose their favorite brands. Therefore, Goodvalley has taken another huge step to welcome the costumers’ demands and rethink the production practices, the CEO explains:


The use of huge amounts of antibiotics on animals in connection to meat production can give grounds for the development of multi resistant bacteria’s, so it is important to reduce the use of it by giving the animals the best possible conditions and avoid diseases. In Goodvalley we see it as an important task to reduce the use of antibiotic to a minimum, and even produce as many products as possible without using any antibiotics at all


The ambition is clear; In Goodvalley we wish to be the healthy and conscious choice for the consumers who cares for the climate and how their food is being produced. Right now, the new product line is available in a range of Polish shops, and if it is well received by the consumers, Goodvalley is ready to increase both amounts as well as assortments to satisfy the demand.

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