The current corona pandemic is putting societies all over the world in a box where our main obligation is to prevent the spread of covid-19 to escalate further globally.

In Goodvalley we are of course following all the actions that the national authorities demand of us in all of our countries of production. As a food producer we have an obligation to keep up with our production of healthy pigs and quality pork products to the market. Our high level of biosecurity in our production units makes it natural for us to have a high level of hygiene and care before entering production. Theese days we have put in even more sanitary stations and hand disinfection units than usual as well as limiting our interaction with co-workers to an absolute minimum. 

While we have put in extraordinary precautionary measure in production, our administration is also facing new challenges while the offices are off limits and everyone is working from home. This situation puts a great pressure on our IT and technical solutions as all meetings and gatherings are moved online. 

Goodvalley CIO Holger Axelgaard says that Goodvalley is experiencing a tremendous creativity and adaption among employees who are really using this time to see the possibilities they have with the right technical support - rather than limitations:

We are conducting more online meetings with way more participants than ever. Our solution with Microsoft Teams is working perfectly in this situation and allow us to go on with our everyday meetings and tasks. Furthermore, we are experiencing an increasing interest from our users to gain even more knowledge about the possibilities they have online in a time where they cannot interact psychically

Not only administrative meetings are being moved to online platforms but the link between production and administration is being kept on virtual whiteboards to follow up on daily KPI´s. 

Of course we would all much rather, that we were able to meet face to face as usual but when facing a situation like this, it is encouraging to see how everyone is seeing solutions rather than the opposite. This may lead to an even better digital understanding in our organisation going forward. says CIO Holger Axelgaard.

As we are exploring all the new ways we can go about our business in Goodvalley, we are working hard to deliver our high quality products to our suppliers and generally keeping up the good spirits in a time where we are all walking on undiscovered land.  

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions and ensure you that we are all still working for a better tomorrow :-) 


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