Field to fork

For a sustainable future

Our core commitment lies in practicing environmentally responsible methods in all our operations. To minimize our environmental footprint, we adhere to our distinctive, sustainable approach to farming.

This includes growing our own feed in our own fields, raising our own animals, producing our own meat, and generating green energy and heat with manure and crop waste in our own biogas plants. That is how we ensure we work with, rather than against, our environment.


Our work for a better tomorrow focuses on further developing and expanding our unique production model that centres around sustainable food production. Key to this strategy is the production of green heat and electricity from our biogas plants.​

​In Goodvalley, biogas serves a number of purposes; we use the heat to warm our farms, the electricity for power and we sell any excess to the public grid in surrounding villages. We store the fermented biomass in a digestion tank and use it later to fertilize our fields, where we grow crops for our animals to eat. This is how we create our field to fork business model.​

​Our first biogas plant commenced operation in Poland in 2005. Today, we have nine biogas facilities that produce enough green heat and electricity to run the equivalent of around 13 000 households on a yearly basis – and we have three more biogas plants on the way together with external partners.

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