30th anniversary

To celebrate 30 years of Goodvalley Polska, on June 7, we held an official ceremony with partners, contractors, and friends, followed by a big birthday party for employees on June 8. During those days our shareholder had also a chance to tour our key locations. CEO PaweĊ‚ Nowak highlighted milestones including 20 years in Ukraine, 25 years of our meat processing plant, 15 years of our biogas plant, and 10 years of our modern sow farm.

20th anniversary

On June 4, Goodvalley Ukraine celebrated its 20th anniversary with a visit from Danish Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, who toured Kopanky Farm and met with local officials. The event emphasized the strong ties between Denmark and Ukraine and highlighted Goodvalley’s commitment to supporting Ukraine, including donating electronic warfare equipment to the military. CEO Kasper Torup-Villadsen honored fallen employees and discussed future investments, while Anders Obel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, reiterated the company’s belief in Ukraine’s resilience and plans for continued investment.