Spicy pork neck on spinach leaves

2 persons – 20 minutes


400 g of Goodvalley pork neck, cut into strips

2 teaspoons of sesame seeds, roasted on a dry pan

1 teaspoon of squeezed garlic

1 spring onion, chopped

4 spoons of soy sauce

Half of a chilli pepper

3 cups of any sliced mushrooms

4 cups of young spinach

Parsley, coarsely chopped

Half a teaspoon of brown sugar

Ground salt and pepper

Rapeseed oil

The sauce

Remove the seeds from the chilli pepper and cut it finely. In a bowl, mix half a teaspoon of rapeseed oil with the soy sauce, garlic, spring onion, chilli and sugar.

Prepare the meat

Season the slices of pork neck with salt and pepper – you have to be careful because the sauce is already salty. On a large pan, warm up about 2 spoons of rapeseed oil and add the pork neck. Fry to a nice golden brown over a medium heat, then remove from the pan and set aside.

Add the vegetables

Put the mushrooms into the same pan and fry for approx. 7 minutes until golden brown. Add the spinach and return the pork neck to the pan to warm it back up.

Pour the prepared sauce over the pan ingredients and cook for another 5 minutes.

Transfer to plates, decorate with parsley and serve. Spicy baked potatoes will perfectly suit this spicy pork neck.