Efficient production with respect for nature

Headquartered in Denmark, we operate modern facilities with the most advanced technology and farming methods in Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

We apply Danish pig farming principles of sustainability and efficiency in countries with less expensive land prices and oversupply of crops, lower labour costs and prospects of meat consumption and pig price increases. We are among the most efficient manufacturers with leading operating KPIs in terms of pigs sold per sow, meat yield per sow and feed conversion ratio relative to both the average in EU and North America.

Founded in 1994, Goodvalley has a successful track record of revenue growth – both organically and through acquisitions – as well as improving profitability and growing market shares, even in times with historically low world market prices for pigs.

Goodvalley completed a 4-year senior secured bonds issue of EUR 135 million in 2017, and the Group’s bonds are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen under the ticker ‘Goodvalley’ (ISIN DK0030398979).

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