Sustainable farming

The home of modern food production

In Goodvalley, we believe quality food starts with ensuring that the basis for quality is in place. And, in Goodvalley, that means that our land is well tended and provides the nutrients needed to grow healthy crops for our animals. This is the starting point for our unique, sustainable full-circle production approach.

By growing our own crops, we can be sure our pigs receive high-quality nutritious feed, while having our own processing facility means we have complete control of production. We strive to always give back to nature what we borrow and this is why we use crop waste in our biogas plants to power our operation and reduce our environmental impact.

It all starts with crops

In Goodvalley, we operate 33.500 hectares of land in Poland, Ukraine. Rich soil that provides the ideal place to grow our crops. By spreading the degassed manure from our biogas production – a natural fertilizer – over the fields year after year, we have obtained great soil conditions allowing us to produce more with less.​

​Our main crops are wheat, triticale, rapeseed, rye, soy and maize. We use modern farming techniques such as GPS systems that track the fields we have treated. This reduces the use of fertilizers and consequently also reduces our environmental impact. Crops grown at Goodvalley are used for feed, while crop waste is used in our biogas plants.

Quality feed

Currently, we have two feed mills across our Polish and Ukrainian operations. The mix and quality of the feed we produce are kept under constant internal control and we even have our own lab to test and ensure the highest quality – because healthy animals start with good feed.

​Our feed recipes are developed by specialists, who closely observe each stage of production. The production plant operates according to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Healthy pigs

In Goodvalley, we believe that animal welfare and high-quality food go hand in hand, and we take pride in treating our animals with care and respect. 

To ensure that our animal welfare initiatives are continually maintained and improved, we consistently educate and train our employees to take proper care of our pigs and we have strict biosecurity management practices in place, including thoroughly monitoring transportation of feed and animals.​

​As an extra initiative, we are certified, which stands for Good Agricultural Practice. A certification standard that is monitored and controlled on a regular basis.

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